Marketing Your Website - SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Search engines play a huge part in determining whether potential customers find your web site. Creating a site and not making it attractive to search engines it is a little like writing fantastic brochures and keeping them in a drawer so no-one knows how great your business is.

You need to be dynamic about attracting the attention of the popular search engines like Google and AltaVista. Chances are your competitors are. Unless you are proactive potential customers searching for your industry will find your competitors’ websites first.

You also need to keep returning visitors interested in your site. Just as you develop new products or services to appeal to your customers, so you should find ways to refresh the content of your site and encourage customers to return. Search engines love sites with updated content so we think taking the time to update the content on your site is a no-brainer.

Some say that search engine marketing is a dark art. Luckily we are well-practised in it. Through our sister company PushOn we can build new sites or improve existing sites to maximise visits (hits) from the kind of visitors you want to attract by:

  • Incorporating keywords relevant to your business in both the coding and text on the site
  • Counting hits on some or all pages of your site to measure return on investment
  • Tracing the route taken by customers before and during purchase to see how effective the sales pages are
  • Submitting the website details to appropriate web directories
  • Using pay per click adverts
  • Creating e newsletters, including advice on spam and legal use of email marketing
  • Blogging
  • RSS Feeds

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